Market Facts

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Mobile Pressure Washing Market Facts

  • The average U.S. consumer chews more than 150 sticks of gum each year. Where does it go? The ground, floors, parking lots, schools, public buildings and under desks. Nearly 100,000 tons of gum is chewed yearly. This mess presents a huge market.
  • There are 3 human diseases associated with Pigeons: They are constantly breading and moving, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis opens up a vast market for pressure washing professionals.
  • There are over 125 million houses in america today that need cleaning and washing.
  • Washing homes and businesses play an important role, more today than ever before, pollutants from industry, atmosphere and combustion have increased the need. Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of buildings and prevents damage, but it also helps in delaying the need for expensive and time consuming restoration.
  • Commercial buildings should always look their best. Customers often judge abilities and reputation based on the appearance of the buildings. Not only will your customers be impressed by a clean look, but it will also maintain the value of the investment.
  • Each year more than 200 million people are affected by droughts, floods, tropical storms, earthquakes, forest fires, and other hazards.
  • Sanitation is an essential component in emergency response and rehabilitation efforts to stem the spread of diseases, rebuild basic services in communities and help people return to normal daily activities. Every dollar spent on improving sanitation generates economic benefits (about nine times) that far exceed the required sanitation investments.
  • With the average cost of replacing your fence or decks between $4000 – $6000 sealing and cleaning fences and decks not only help protect but ad beautify for years to come. This is a great market and cost effective also.
  • Restoring wood to a former state or condition which is improved from a degraded one takes knowledge and skill. This is an art we teach. Without it, the results range from sheer luck to disaster. A little knowledge is not good for the wood, a wealth of knowledge is far better for it.
  • Acid rain carries the chemicals sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Stone buildings and monuments are targets of damage from acid rain.
  • The trucking companies, warehouses and private sector in the U.S. employs an estimated 8.9 million people employed in trucking-related jobs;
  • Nearly 3.5 million were truck drivers. Of this figure UPS employs 60,000 workers and 9% are owner operators. LTL shippers account for around 3.6 percent of America’s trucking sector.
  • There are an estimated 15.5 million trucks operating in the U.S.. Of this figure 2 million are tractor trailers all needing to be clean.
  • There are over 500,000 companies in the U.S.. Of that figure 96% operate 28 or fewer trucks while 82% operate 6 or fewer trucks.

Window Washing Market Facts

  • The industry is expected to grow 5.5% annually
  • The cleaning services industry is a $46 billion dollar industry.
  • Companies are looking more and more for cost reductions by outsourcing their building cleaning and maintenance
  • This industry segment is expected to create the most new jobs.
  • The number of households moving into the 55-64 age bracket, they are driving the growth of domestic cleaning services.
  • The 45+ year olds with higher than average household incomes appear to be the ideal target market for domestic services.
  • The older group spends 22% to 32% more than average while the higher incomes spend nearly 3 times the average on these services.
  • As the population ages, this service will grow with increasing popularity.
  • Two income households will seek additional ways to create more leisure time.
  • Tremendous repeat business – Glass is always getting dirty.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Market Facts

  • The building/home services industry will outpace the carpet industry with increasing popularity of hard surface flooring.
  • We providing the best tools, training, and support and teach you how do deep clean tile grout in any place.
  • Cleaning, sealing and maintaining tile, grout and stone can be a difficult task. It is nevertheless necessary to maintain the beauty, cleanliness, and sanitary state of tile floors, showers, countertops and anywhere else there is tile and grout. we teach the proper tile and grout cleaning products and procedures and will help you can achieve the best possible cleaning results making for the most profit.
  • There are over 880,020 Food Services and Drinking Places in America, 217,282 Full Service Restaurants, 266,534 Limited Service Eating Places, and 209,819 Limited Service Restaurants all needing tile and grout cleaning.
  • There are over 125 million houses in america today that need cleaning and washing.

Sealing & Coating Market Facts

  • There are over 109 million residential concrete driveways and sidewalks in this country!
  • There are over 30 million wood decks in the USA!
  • There are over 1.5 million new wood decks being built every year!
  • There are 21 million wood fences in this country with over 2 million being built every year!
  • Outdoor living is increasing, consumers are upgrading their outside living and garden areas to the tune of $40 billion annually.
  • Consumers are demanding higher quality finishes.
  • Consumers believe water repellency is key to extending the life of exterior wood.
  • Consumers are seeking “green” products There is no product on the market that can compete with ours.

Slip Prevention Market Facts

  • By applying a Slip Prevention and extending its durability and effectiveness by regular maintenance with a strong cleaner, floors are less slippery and cleaner than in an untreated condition.
  • Slip and fall accidents are the second leading cause of accidental deaths; automobile accidents are number one.
  • Slip and falls are the number one cause of accidental injuries in hotels, restaurants and public buildings.
  • More than 9 million slip and fall accidents occur in North America every year.
  • About 25,000 people a day are hospitalized as a result of these accidents.
  • Slip-Falls incidents are the leading category of serious personal injury accidents each year in businesses, commercial buildings, on public concourses and plazas, and in homes.
  • Slip-Falls account for hundreds of thousands of long term disabling injuries per year.
  • The social burdens related to this problem including the billions in Workers’ Compensation claims each year affect every one from businesses to individuals.

Fire Prevention Systems & Hood Cleaning Market Facts

  • To be in compliance with your insurance company, fire inspectors, health departments, and all federal, state and local laws. Your Exhaust system must be routinely inspected and then cleaned if found to be grease laden.
  • Some services and products are necessities in the food industry. Hood cleaning is one example. An average of 50 grease hood or exhaust fan fires damaged restaurants each year.
  • Hood Cleanings are done 1-12 times a year with prices ranging from $350-$600 per cleaning, which can take about 3-4 hours. Profit margins on jobs are about 40%-60% which makes this kind of work extremely lucrative.
  • Today’s mess of industry codes and standards can eat-up your time, money and energy. Our fully integrated services allow you to focus on your customers…not the codes.
  • From 2000-2004 U.S. fire departments responded to 8520 fires in eating and drinking establishments. These fires caused an average of 3 civilian deaths, 113 civilian fire injuries and $190 million in direct property damage. The overwhelming cause of these fires was cooking.
  • In today’s modern cooking environment we have open flame cooking and new appliances that are well insulated and cook at higher temperatures. If a grease fire occurs the temperature of this fire can reach 1600 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit rapidly, particularly if there are grease laden ducts present. One of the keys to preventing these fires is the removal of grease and grease particulate from the restaurant hood exhaust system on an ongoing and scheduled basis.