Meet the Experts

Denis Denny Graybill

Lead Trainer / Business Development Director

DLG Marketing and Consulting

Denny began his selling career over 30 years ago . . .Every company he has worked / trained with over the years has retained added value to their operation.

Denny began contract training for our parent company in 2005 with his firm DLG Marketing and Consulting. His training focus on “Doing the Right Thing” and especially “You Don’t Go To Work For Money – You GO To Work To Make A Difference And The Money Will Follow” is guaranteed to have you motivated – and give you the tools to help you succeed. His firm has been retained exclusively for “The Professional’s Edge” distributors. He has helped grow our entire organization in some of the toughest times – imagine what he can do for your new company!..

Morris Mo Morgan


Mo teaches:

Business 101

Extreme Customer Service

Brand Building – Build Your Brand

Extreme Internet Marketing

Yellow pages

Direct mail results – which ad medium is the best.

“I learned the value of extreme customer service – customers both residential and commercial will pay more if you are honest, punctual, and explain your values, and value proposition to relate to their needs rather than your own”.

Chester Axley

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Larry Winter

Larry teaches Sales Training for outside sales. He has 25 years of experience in sales training, and 9 years of success with the company in “opening up” new accounts.